Decorative Metal Coatings has many available powder coating possibilities. Black chrome powder coating is just one of many coatings such as 
solid Matte Black powder coating or a Luminous Black Finish. DMC is one of the best metal plating shops in southern California. Black chrome powder coating is one of our best sellers in our large menagerie of finishes.

Pretreatment options to allow the powder coating process to adhere better. These include dregreasing, sandblasting, chemical etching, mechanical polishing and graining of the base metals. Our professionally trained workers will make an amazing job to deliver. We use electro nickel plating as a base and as a protection for corrosion. The end result is a high end looking finish. The procedure deposits thin films of metals through the electro static charge on the metal. 

The black chrome powder coat is then electro statically charged as it is applied to the surface. Baking the powder melts it and solidifies into an illuminated coat. The result is a favorite among our customers. 
Decorative Metal Coatings is a notorious company for excellence. 
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